I have a soundcloud now

2013-03-07 15:48:16 by Kloudtana

so hey


I have a soundcloud now

lets make more music

2012-06-07 15:16:40 by Kloudtana

forever, okay

lets make more music


2009-09-18 18:57:10 by Kloudtana

Oh right.

I converted my old computer's hard drive into an external hard drive.

this happened about a month or two ago.


2009-05-21 13:49:53 by Kloudtana

Got myself a new used laptop. be back in business as soon as it's reformatted. I still miss my old projects, but assuming the motherboard is all that died, i can still salvage the hard drive.


2009-03-29 18:04:16 by Kloudtana

As far as i can tell, my computer is dead, so that means all of my projects are gone... So I dunno how long it will be until I upload another song. Yeah, I know no one probably cares but oh well.

EDIT: There's a possibility I may upload new songs, even though I probably lost all of my projects. I'm already working on a series of songs on my borrowed laptop.


2009-02-07 19:06:36 by Kloudtana

Nothing really new.

I'm planning on uploading other songs of mine too. I want to see how Panda Head does first.

I am making a post.

2008-01-19 21:28:11 by Kloudtana

indeed I am.